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NeuroAdvancE, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality of life for adults with acquired neurological impairments. Residential, in-home, educational and vocational programs are provided with a strong emphasis on individuals with extensive behavioral and neuropsychological issues. An individual treatment plan and program are designed to meet each persons specific needs in the community. Our programs are focused in a supportive environment and are based on a philosophy which encourages individual achievement, total community integration, self-advocacy and independence.

Please click on hyperlink to view our Newsletters, NeuroNews, containing much more information from our clients and staff concerning issues pertaining to TBI/ABI. We now have over 80 interesting and informative articles online.

Our Summer 2003 Issue has been added (December 05, 2003)

Program Services

An innovative approach to post acute rehabilitation. Client specific in design, the aim of the outcome oriented plan is focused on concrete needs and practical solutions. A full complement of therapists and community living specialists develop an intensive treatment plan to provide each client with specific services needed to return home. Combined with behavioral support , cognitive remediation and family education, clients transitioning from NeuroAdvancE have an outstanding success rate.

Individuals who will always require some level of support or supervision may be provided services in their own home or transfer to one of our residences. Staff support may be as intense as 24 hours or as minimal as one or two hours a day. 

Due to our innovative approach we have created living situations for our clients, their spouses, children and most pets.

Individuals with a behavioral component to their neurological disorder are admitted for intensive planning, intervention and treatment. A team of behavioral specialists including a behavioral neurologist, neuropsychologist and psychopharmocologist develop an individualized program. 

The behavioral focus addresses each client's need to regain community independence and integration. Even the unusual and difficult to manage cases are provided the opportunity for success.

Client's Individualized Treatment Plan

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Toll-Free Telephone


This is a picture of our office in Danvers, MA

NeuroAdvancE administrative and client services offices in Danvers, MA

Telephone: 978.774.9579

FAX: 978.774.9576

Postal address
130 Centre Street
Putnam Barn
Danvers, MA 01923


Referrals are accepted from physicians, acute care facilities, sub acute care facilities, insurance companies, case managers and social workers.

Admission Criteria

  1. Have a neurological impairment
  2. 18 years of age or older (younger clients considered on a case-by-case basis)
  3. Medically stable
  4. Willing to participate
  5. Have an approved funding source

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