Legal Rights of the Catastrophically Ill and Injured: A Family Guide, by Joseph L. Romano, Esquire, was published in 1996. To obtain a free copy of his book, contact Mr. Romano at Rosenstein & Romano, P.C., One Lafayette Place, 2 West Lafayette Street Suite 120. Norristown, PA 19401-4725 or call 610-270-3900 or 1-800-331-4134.

Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D is a health psychologist who eight years ago sustained both an acquired and a traumatic brain injury. From her own experience and extensive research, she has written the first practical guide for the layperson and professional on coping with traumatic brain injury. It is published by Avery Publishing Group. Check out her web site to order her book.


The National Brain Injury Association is now offering certification of Brain Injury Specialists. Certification at each level of competency is based upon a combination of work experience, education, training and passing national written and practical examinations. Individuals meeting the requirements may use the designation of Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS) after their name. Recertification is required every three years to ensure that individuals working in brain injury rehabilitation continue to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver quality care. If you would like more information about becoming a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS), please contact The American Academy for the Certification of Brain Injury Specialists (AACBIS), C/O Brain Injury Association, 105 North Alfred Street, Alexandria,Virginia, 22314

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