Mickey R. has been doing woodworking as a hobby since he was in High School. He also had the benefit of his father being a carpenter - so you can see that sawdust was an inheritance. Today Mickey has a space set aside in his apartment where he can work on his projects. He has this advice for anyone wishing to look into woodworking as a hobby:

First go and see the types of items that can be created. You can do this by visiting a craft store or your library; pick up a magazine to look through for ideas and resources. If you have no experience with woodworking you may want to try something simple that does not require large expense.

Always have the right tools for the job and use them properly. Some tools that you will need to begin can be found around the normal household. Most homes have a hammer, a screwdriver or two and a few wrenches. Additionally to start you also might need a tape measure, a square and a level. Additional tools may be required for the project that you are doing.

Always have a special area to work in, especially when working with glue and paint that need ventilation.

Mickey’s tip for a successful project is "measure and re-measure, check and double check."

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