I’m happy when I get to do things that I don’t have to do, like walking downtown and getting my breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and shopping in small stores (because I am now afraid of big stores). I like going swimming in the summer. I especially like to plan a vacation and then enjoy spending a week in August doing what I want.

My leisure time activities are: To rest on my sofa with the TV on and to play on my computer (I also love to get new CD’s and install them). I have a busy schedule with a limited amount of time to do things. That is why my one day of leisure is so important to me. My hobby is watering and spraying my indoor plants. That is a real interest of mine now. I spend some of my leisure time reading magazines and books. A special treat is going out to brunch with my father on Sundays.

Before my accident I liked water-skiing. I liked all water sports and all snow sports and I was good at them. But since my accident I have difficulty with my gross motor skills and I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself. Now I’m not able to do as many of these very active fun things so now I love computers, and resting on my sofa and watching TV. I still like all music I hear such as the Police, Joe Jackson, The Beatles, and many others. I will continue to concentrate on speaking clearly, on my fine motor skills and on trying to be as independent as I can (which isn’t always easy)!

Revised: Saturday, February 23, 2002 08:42 AM