A Full Time Success Story -

about John D. (client)

John D. is a 20 year old male with ADHD. John completed the required schooling and attempted to enter the work force on his own. Several attempts were unsuccessful. John eventually did get a job that he liked and performed well in. However, he was ultimately laid off.

John came to be a vocational client of NeuroAdvancE through the efforts of Kevin McMullen of Pennsylvania's Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. This state organization assists qualifying residents in returning to the workforce. Mr. McMullen is an excellent counselor who works very hard for his clients. Recognizing potential in John D., Mr. McMullen cam to NeuroAdvance to help with John's job placement and coaching.

This is a photograph of John D. at work

John is a very tall, vivacious young man who loves music and is a walking encyclopedia of sports statistics. He enjoys socializing and has been known to shoot a mean jumper: basketball is one of his favorite free time activities. Unfortunately John doesn't have as much free time these days because...He is now presently employed with the Walmart Corporation. He has taken a full-time position in night security and ground maintenance. John is highly motivated for successful employment, takes direction well from his job coach, has pride in his performance and is an asset to the company. The Manager, Jerry Elam, has been extremely cooperative and values the work efforts of all people in this community. Although John is aware that he has areas that he can improve in, he is well on his way to a brighter future and is looking forward to a more independent lifestyle. He also hopes that his quickly advancing career will not completely override his affinity for driving the lane to the hoop.

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