A Real Hard Worker

by Maryann S. (client)

My name is Maryann S. I was involved in a crazy car crash when I was 17 years old. I've been a client at NeuroAdvancE for 2 years and during that time I've achieved a lot. I've done a lot of volunteer work. Before, I was employed in a greenhouse working with plants, at Grey Towers Historical Society cleaning the grounds and I worked in an office typing.

I also cleaned the museum. I liked the work and the people there. I've worked at a hose farm cleaning stalls and weeding gardens. Since I've been at NeuroAdvancE, last summer I walked around outside and cleaned whatever was needed at Stokes State Forest in New Jersey. I also did office work. I liked the outdoors the best. The inside work wasn't so much fun. At our hospital, I handed out passes to the visitors. I like greeting people as they came in. My favorite volunteer job was working with children at an elementary school as a teacher's aide. I gave spelling tests and helped the children figure out stuff. The last day of school there was a picnic. The children were outside playing kickball, baseball and games. It was a lot of fun to participate in that.


This is a photograph of MaryAnn at work


I got tired of working and not getting money so I started filling out applications for a paying job. I applied at the library, Pizza House, hardware store, the school and WalMart. Walmart responded to my request. They hired me! I had to have a job coach for the first half year. There was computer-based learning that had to be done before beginning the job. It was all about the store and I had to have help from my job coach to finish. The computer-based modules were written out rules to the store and I had to answer all the questions correctly. If I didn't they wouldn't let me work. When I didn't answer them correctly I had to go over them, again and again. I couldn't stand them, they drove me crazy. It was three weeks of trying to use my brain. I finally got on the floor in the Lawn and Garden department.

I just tried to do things really good and correct. I'm a real hard worker up to this day. I've gotten a lot better because I have gotten more skilled at it. I like watering the plants and I get to walk around. I'm the one who keeps the plants living. I have to guard the gate to make sure people don't steal stuff but I don't like that. I have my days when I don't want to go to work because of my mood swings, but I do what I've got to do. (Dumb discipline!) I feel like work is very productive because I am using my time wisely and making money. I'm friendly with my co-workers. A lot of people complain but I try to stay positive and say we're lucky to have a job. This is what we need. I guess I'm uplifting.

I've been working for a year and a half at Walmart. There was a yearly review which I did very well no. They took notice of my work performance and checked out to what degree I was working, so I got a raise. The raise was inspiring. It kept me working. I am happy with my job and I am going to hang on to it until my next step, which is attending college. I'm planning to take a couple of courses to increase my educational record. I hope to receive my degree one day so I can get into a higher position. 

During my free time I enjoy riding my bike. It stimulates me and I feel better being in fit condition. Riding helps mellow my mind. I've taken all the correct directions from NeuroAdvancE which have led to my continued progress. I completed two marathons, I've had a job for almost two years and have increased my own independent status.

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