Poetry Submitted by two of our Clients

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THE GIFT - by Bob M.
A long time ago, I was given a gift.

At first, I didn't know what it was
and was afraid I wouldn't like it.

After a while, I peeked inside
and part of it looked really nice.

But I was still afraid
that I wouldn't like it.

I showed some friends that part I liked and
they encouraged me to unwrap it some more.

Some parts I didn't like at first,
but knew they all belonged.

Again, my friends encouraged me
to open the gift completely.

Slowly, sometimes painfully,
I took the wrapper off.

I discovered my friends are right!
It is a beautiful gift.

The gift is me.

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COUNTING - by Bill G.

One, two, three, four,

what's in store?

Five, six, seven,eight,

are we too late?

But nine, ten, eleven,

Is this our stairway to heaven?

I'm not sure? But twelve

You must admit,

This sure beats HELL!

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