The PALS program is a new recreational and socialization program for survivors. PALS (brain injury survivors) are matched with college PALS (college student volunteers) for group, one-on-one activities. The PALS program has enrolled 45 volunteers as of Jan/99. Openings for survivors still interested in this program are still available. If interested please contact Katrina Sullivan at (508) 795-0244 or email Katrina at

The PALS program is currently offered in Worcester County only. The MBIA is interested in expanding this program statewide in the next few years. PALS is a grant program, funded for the school year, by The Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council. PALS is currently seeking funding for 1999. The continuation of the program depends on continued support from new sources. If you or your organization is able to provide funding or are able to direct us to a funding source, please contact the MBIA at (508) 795-0244.

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