by Michelle A.

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My name is Michelle. I was married on August 16, 1997 to Shannon A. I would like to share with you the pros and cons of marriage. The first pro is not being lonely. You don’t ever realize you're lonely, but when you get married it’s a whole different world. The second pro is unselfishness. Sometimes you don’t realize how selfish you can be while you’re by yourself; you only have yourself to worry about, but after you get married, you suddenly have someone else to think about and their feelings. A con could be not getting along with your husband's friends. It’s very difficult to be around someone you don’t like to be around but since they’re your mate's friends, you have to be friendly. The third pro is companionship. It gives you such a great feeling to share your life with someone else. It can be difficult if you're not used to sharing. A con is having to worry about your husband's stress too! One’s lifestyle can be extremely different from your mate’s style. For example, your day could be going well with an “Up” attitude, but your mate had an off day. He comes home and blows off steam, that should put a damper on your good mood. Then you overload yourself and have an anxiety attack. The fourth pro is getting help. It’s easier to have someone there to help you through your dilemmas, but it can be difficult to depend on someone when you’re used to just taking care of yourself. Sometimes it’s even hard to admit that you need someone else’s help doing something, and sometimes it’s even harder giving help to someone who doesn’t want it. The fifth pro is giving. There is a saying, “It is better to give than to receive.” It’s an added blessing giving of yourself but you want to make sure you’re not the one giving too much. Sometimes you can end up with a partner that always takes and never gives you help, or even wants to help. You should never think you're giving too much because it may cause your partner not to rely on you anymore.
It is very intriguing to share your life with someone else. You don’t realize how much you exist in your own little world, until someone shares your life with you and you adjust, and you go on normally with your everyday life.

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