-by Scott N.

I wanted to improve my table manners because I was going on vacation and would be eating at restaurants a lot. To do this, I ate my meals at home and sat down with staff a lot more to work on my manners. Some things we worked on were chewing with mouth closed (staff would point to their mouth), keeping elbows off table (staff would tap on table), using napkin (staff would wave napkin), and taking smaller portions. Later, staff and I went out to dinner often. We went to casual and more fancy restaurants to practice.

I think my manners improved but when my parents and I got to Ireland, we stayed at a castle. We had our meals in the castle dining room, where we were encouraged to eat (castle style) with our fingers! But I keep working on my manners and over the course of a year, my table manners improved quite a bit.

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Revised: Thursday, June 06, 2002