And from Amy B...."I now have alot of flowers growing in my apartment The flowers include bulbs which have bloomed, spider plants, cactuses, Italian herbs, and a whole array of other plants! The NeuroAdvance Staff , especially Adele, has worked with me to learn about different gardening techniques. I have learned how to plant them, water them and care for them. Adele even taught me how to save the flowers by putting them in water and showed me how to dry my flowers if they do not last long. I am pleased with the way my apartment looks and I get a lot of compliments on its appearance! I love my plants! It just takes a try! The staff say I even have a green thumb!"

On July 28, 1998, Ann Healy who is the Cognitive Therapist in Danvers, gave birth to a healthy girl. Aiden Grace Healy was born at 9:36 am and weighed 7lbs, 12 oz and was 20 inches long. Ann and Aiden, and father Dennis, are all doing fine. Aiden is keeping Ann very busy. Everyone at NeuroAdvance looks forward to Ann's return after maternity leave.

Bill Green attended the Computer Expo at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston on June 25th. This show focuses on Database administration and many important software companies were represented. Bill collected and distributed many business cards, entered some drawings and received many promotional goodies.

Bill had the opportunity to chat with people in the computer industry. Bill recommends that anyone interested in attending theses type of functions register early as the entrance fee is often waived for early registrants. Bring plenty of business cards and a smile!

Adele Gaulocher returned to join the staff at NeuroAdvance for the summer months in Danvers. She is substituting for Ann Healy who is on maternity leave. Adele is single and enjoys cooking, gardening and reading. Adele likes to work with people and hopes to be able to help them realize their goals. Adele states her two dream jobs are "to work in a bakery as a baker" or "to work in a garden center".

Old challenges are met and new ones arise. On July 27, 1998, Jerome F. was awarded his High School Equivalency Diploma by the State of Massachusetts. Five years of intensive classwork and home study finally paid off as Jerome passed the remaining two tests that stood between him and his next step: attending college. Jerome has taken steps to matriculate at North Shore Community College in the fall. Jerome plans to begin his coursework with classes in business, accounting and computer skills. Congratulations and good luck!

Pam Walker will be representing NeuroAdvance at the Brain Injury of NH Golf Tournament in August. The tournament will take place in Francestown, NH and will give Ms. Walker a chance to meet with other professionals in the industry in a pleasant setting and for a worthy cause. We all wish Ms. Walker a great day. FORE!

Scott N. has been a very busy body this summer. Between trips to Cape Cod and Vermont, Scott has maintained his full time employment at the Hamilton Riding Club. Scott has also begun learning to play the guitar: with the help of a borrowed instrument and several musically inclined NeuroAdvancE staff members, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is coming right along! SN has been a regular participant in the local TBI support groups and has been partaking in some singles' groups events. He is making his first steps back on to the dating scene!

In June, the staff of NeuroAdvance in Milford attended a training sponsored by the Private Industry Council of Lehigh Valley, Inc. in Allentown, PA. The training addressed the wide variety of approaches used to assist persons with disabilities in attaining and maintaining employment. The training materials have proven to be a great resource for all the staff. We look forward to implementing what we learned with our clients.

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