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My Interest in Gardening

I love gardening for these reasons:

1. I love to water my plants and look them up on my computer at home.

2. I love the smell of my flowers and plants.

3. I love to dry my flowers and plants.

4. I love to pot my plants.

I love to water my plants whenever they need it (at least 1 time a week). I water them all including cactus, spider plants, primrose, English ivy, gloxinia and others. I also love to look up my flowers and plants on my computer in the "Better Homes and Gardening" CD for in instructions; on caring for them, buying them, plants and flowers for different seasons, and what to "spray" and how to spray them. I love to spray plants and I think most of them like to be sprayed.

I also love the smells my flowers and plants give off. Some are in bloom for all seasons (although they ALL do best in the spring and summer). I can, at different seasons, buy them, by looking in my computer. I love to dry flowers and plants and hang them upside down for decorations. I recently learned to dry flowers. When they are ready I wrap them in thread and hang them upside down.

Finally, I love to pot my plants and flowers. When stems fall off I immediately put them in a glass of water, and when they are ready (by that I mean the stems are ready) I repot them. Some live and some die (the cactus usually die and also my herbs usually die too). But the ones that live, I repot.

I also love to pot flowers and plants in season. (I tried bulbs but they didn’t live.) I buy flowers and plants on sale (usually) or I get them as gifts (as in Valentine’s Day, my birthday, Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Halloween or just in general) and as gifts from my father, older brothers, and friends.

In all, my interest in plants and flowers keeps growing! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to have outdoor plants or flowers because my apartment doesn’t allow it. I hope to soon try again with herbs and bulbs. I hope to someday try my luck with vegetables too!

I love my plants and flowers and they are all a growing interest to me!!

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