Check out your local church, temple or mosque for activities.

Call every Chamber of Commerce in your town and surrounding towns for information on activities.

Pretend you're a tourist and find out what's neat to do in your area.

Need a flat surface to walk on? Lots of shopping malls open early for walkers before the stores are open.

This is especially nice in winter when it's nasty out or in summer when it's too hot to exercise outdoors.

Need a free outing? Try the library - most libraries have subscriptions to a wide variety of magazines.

You can sit in a comfortable chair and browse, cost free.

Don't have a computer? Check them out at the library - the librarians will be happy to help you get started.

Most libraries have computers with Internet access - go to the library, sign in and log on.

Short on money? In addition to books, many libraries have movies you can borrow for free.

Most libraries also have books on tape so if you don't feel like reading you can kick back and listen.

Shut in? Can't get out? Call your local library about getting on the bookmobile route where the books come to you.

Send for catalogs that are free that might spark an idea of what to do. Wonder what catalogs are available?

Look in magazines that are interesting to you.

Support groups have activities. Find a local support group by calling the local hospital, the closest rehab center, the Chamber of Commerce, or the Department of Social Services.

Revised: Saturday, February 23, 2002 08:42 AM