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Amy continues to use her computer to explore new vocational, recreational and social opportunities. She is currently working on a personal web page. The big news is that she has obtained a paid position after volunteering for 3 years at the Museum of Science, where she accumulated over 1000 hours of volunteer time. Amy will be maintaining a database at the Jewish Community Center. This is the same type work she performed so expertly at the Museum. Amy is a hard worker who perseveres to reach the goals she sets for herself. She has been working towards independence for over 2 years now. Employment is a major step towards that goal. In addition to working, Amy continues to use her computer to obtain the daily weather and traffic forecasts. She has increased her computer experience and financial planning by entering and tracking her investments.

Amy is proud of Betsy Kane, NeuroAdvance's Adaptive Device Specialist. Betsy recently won six (like Mark Spitz) medals at the New England Masters' Swimming Championship held at Brown University. Betsy says, "Swimming is a wonderful sport in which almost everyone can participate." She reminds people to never swim alone, always wear an appropriate floatation device for swim level and never dive into waters of unknown depth.

Amy never stops learning - she is now planning on getting her drivers' license!!! Here she comes ..............

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