ON THE FARM -      
   by Scott N.

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Image of Scott on the Farm

When I get to the farm in the morning the air is cold and fresh and I feel good. Then I get started. I empty the horses’ water buckets, scrub them out, and then refill them so that the horses will have clean, fresh water to drink. Just as you would not want to drink out of a dirty glass, the horses need clean buckets. Some horses even throw their hay into the water, I guess, like the way we humans do our cookies and milk. After this first job is done I usually sweep down the aisle. The aisle is where you saddle the horses, and brush them down. The horse hair, hay, and other dirt accumulates quickly, so I have to sweep often. After that I check my chalkboard for a list of chores left by my supervisor. This helps me to be independent, stay focused, and to avoid wasting time. I used to have to track down my boss every time I finished a task. Now I just run to the board and find out what needs to be done. Some jobs that might be on the board are: cleaning the bathroom, office, and feed room.

Now I know, you all probably know what the first two of these rooms are, but the feed room is where you keep grain and other feed for the horses. (That’s a shocker, huh?) Cleaning the tack room might also be on the list. That is also a big job because I might have to clean the saddles and bridles with a leather cleaner which is also a weather proofer and softener. To put on the cleaner/proofer/softener all you have to do is rub it on with a sponge then wipe off with a towel. Doing this with three saddles can take me close to an hour.

The lady I work for is a very efficient young lady who competes in horse shows in the Northeast all the way down to Maryland. The farm is a great place but I am tired at the end of the day. It reminds me of home in Vermont but with horses instead of the cows. That is my life on the farm three hours a day: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and, yes, Saturday. I am always in a hurry to get back to the farm.

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