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What if you never got to make a mistake?
What if your money were always kept in an envelope where you couldn’t get it?
What if you where never given the chance to do well at something?
What if you were always treated like a child?
What if the only chance to be with people different from you was with your own family?
What if the job you did was not useful?
What if you never got to make a decision?
What if the only risky thing you could do was act out?
What if you couldn’t go outside because the last time you did it rained?
What if you got in trouble and were sent away and couldn’t come back because they always remember your “trouble?"
What if you worked and got paid $.46 an hour?
What if you had no privacy?
What if you could do part of the grocery shopping but weren’t allowed to do any because you weren’t able to do all of it?
What if you spent three hours a day just waiting?
What if you never got a chance?

From Changing Expectations/planning for the Future by Dorothy Sauber

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