by Nicole Balletto

I work as an ILF at NeuroAdvancE in Milford and recently started an Arts and Crafts Class. The class was originally begun for the interest of one client, but when the question was asked if anyone else was interested, it was great to find that just about everyone was!

Our first class began a couple of weeks before Christmas. Because of the holiday, all of the clients agreed upon making Christmas ornaments. When the class was over, it was evident that hidden talents had been unleashed. The clients made so many beautiful things we were sure could possibly be sold, that we agreed it would be alot of fun to sell what they had made. Everyone was also in agreement that any profits would go towards better supplies for the class.

A contact was made at a local craft shop named Botannica. The owner liked the crafts and agreed to take them on consignment. The greatest part of this is that two hours after we dropped the crafts off at Botannica, the owner called to say that she had sold just about all of them and asked if we could make more! I'm glad to say that everyone in the group is ecstatic about how this project is going and we are now thinking of starting a wood crafting class in the future.

Revised: Saturday, February 23, 2002 08:42 AM