Welcome to new NeuroAdvance staff:

Steve Buckley, Independent Living Facilitator

Steve is engaged to be married on June 26 of next year to a very lucky girl. We say that because under favorite foods Steve lists “Cinnamon Life Cereal.” Do you think she knows his favorite movie is “Monty Python and the Holy Grail?” Steve's hobbies include volleyball, playing the guitar and writing music. He enjoys the beach and traveling. Steve says he finds his job interesting and often times fulfilling and rewarding. He says his dream job would be any one that would allow him to work in the Caribbean in the winter months.

Barbara Jean Corkadel, Independent Living Facilitator

Barbara has been married for 11 1/2 years and has three girls, including twins. Barbara is a devoted mother who pays special attention in creating lasting memories for her children. She enjoys listening to audio book cassettes in her spare time. Her favorite food? A prime rib dinner that she does not have to cook. Barbara enjoys the rewarding experiences she has had at NeuroAdvancE and particularly likes the flexibility of the job. She enjoys her new responsibilities.

Claire Perrault, Independent Living Facilitator

Claire has many hobbies that she's involved in. Some are hiking, reading, beadwork and knitting. However Claire is a full time weaver. She enjoys the solitude of this profession. This creative individual states she enjoys "creating something solid out of thread, using color and pattern for effect." She also enjoys being her own boss and setting her own hours. Her part time job at NeuroAdvancE affords her "the challenge of seeing the world from another person's perspective and sharing what I know with that person." Claire states her dream job is teaching weaving to people who are either mentally ill or have suffered some form of brain injury.

John Stewart, Independent Living Facilitator

John's favorite movie is Casablanca, and his favorite food is seafood. In his spare time he does crossword puzzles and enjoys walking and kayaking. He likes his job because every day is different, and states that his dream job would be general manager of the Boston Celtics.

France Reed, Independent Living Facilitator

France recently joined the NeuroAdvancE team. She says her favorite hobby is traveling and exploring different cultures and languages. France also says she likes anything related to summer and/or the ocean and nothing pertaining to winter except hibernation. Her favorite food is Bul’go’gi, a grilled beef and vegetable mixture, and kim’chi, a fiery hot, fermented cabbage. Both of these dishes are Korean where France has just spent the last two years teaching English. France states she likes her job because it enables her to work with people who have disabilities and to develop relationships that are very special and meaningful. She finds that in addition to guiding our clients through life activities, they in turn teach her a great deal about life. When asked about her dream job she said she would like to become a physician's assistant and is working on expanding her B.A. by studying Anatomy and Physiology. She hopes to attend Rutgers Medical School in 1999.

Mark D.Van Lokeren, Independent Living Facilitator

Mark has been with NeuroAdvancE for the past few months. He enjoys snow boarding, horseback riding and hiking and biking in his spare time. His favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting.” Mark enjoys the human exchange with the clients, stating that there is no better day than one that involves the assistance and betterment of the client. Mark derives a great feeling of personal reward from his job.

Katharine M. Bergacs, Program Manager - Milford, PA

Katharine has a lot of new things happening in her life. She is the new Program Manager as well as being newly married and having a new puppy named Cooper. Katharine enjoys hiking and gardening and her indoor activities include reading a good book with a cup of herbal tea. In a months' time as Program Manager, Katharine is most impressed with the people at NeuroAdvancE and how comfortable they have made her feel.

Jo-Ann Christensen, Residential Coordinator

Jo-Ann is married and has two children. She is an outdoor person who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding and sleigh riding. These are activities that she enjoys with her children. Jo-Ann states that she likes the team work of her job as well as the family-like atmosphere. Her dream job is to own a horse ranch where she could run a therapeutic riding program for disabled people.

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