Bits of Bio (part 2)...

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Jean is one of NeuroAdvance's newest ILF's.   When asked her age, Jean responds with typical humor, "slightly younger than dirt."  Jean is married and has two girls ages 18 and 16.  Her hobbies include horseback riding, reading and watching British comedies.  Her favorite movies include Jumping Jack Flash and Monty Python's Holy Grail.  Her favorite food is Hazel Nut Raspberry Torte.  Although no one at NeuroAdvance has yet tried this or any other of Jean's litany of gourmet recipes, we have reason to believe they are all delicious: Jean has had years of experience as a professional chef.  Other previous work experience includes interning at a psychiatric day program and mentoring at a head injury clinic at Boston University.  In addition to her work at NeuroAdvance Jean currently also does extensive volunteer work counseling AIDS patients and distributing AIDS transmission information in the community.

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