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Each spring the Keystone Blind Association of Sharon, Pennsylvania hosts an Awards Dinner to honor both persons and organizations on whose cooperation they depend to help carry out their mission. Serving "generations for generations" the Association's mission is "to maintain and improve the quality of life for persons who are blind or visually impaired and to provide employment opportunities and advocacy for persons who are disabled."

At this year's event, a NeuroAdvance client, Eric P. and NeuroAdvance Staff, Milford, were each award recipients. Katie Bergacs, Milford's Program Manager, and Eric, a recently discharged vocational client, both took center stage on the evening of May 18th as they received their very special recognition.

Eric is employed full-time by Keystone Blind Association at a Visitor's Welcome Center on Interstate 84 in PA. He is also a survivor of a traumatic brain injury and that evening was presented with the prestigious Nettie Mann Award. This award honors the memory of Ms. Mann who was named the 1993 Handicapped Worker of the Year for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, just two weeks before her untimely death in a traffic accident. The award is given to the handicapped worker that best personifies Nettie's positive attitude and dedication. In his acceptance speech, Eric left few in the large audience dry-eyed as he spoke poignantly of his injury, rehabilitation and "gratitude for a second chance." He also recognized the individuals who most influenced him throughout his rehabilitation including his father, his present supervisor at the Welcome Center, Phillip J. Yudt, and the staff at NeuroAdvance.

The Good Neighbor Award is presented yearly to an organization or agency that the Keystone Blind Association recognizes as an outstanding participant in their mission of special care. Represented by Katie Bergacs, NeuroAdvance, Milford, was the 1998 recipient of the attractive Good Neighbor Award wall plaque. "Since 'special care' is the sum total of our business, it's with pleasure we accept this award and it's affirmation of NeuroAdvance's approach and commitment to rehabilitation," said Bergacs.

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