Congratulations to MaryAnn S. for winning a First Place trophy for Female Disabled participants in the Matmoras PA 5K race on September 9th. In preparation for her participation in the New York Marathon '95, MaryAnn participated in a local run on her seven-gear ReTrike, a sleek, red tricycle that since July has transported her through more than 700 miles of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York countryside. MaryAnn will continue her daily training schedule until she and 28,000 fellow runners begin their 26.2 mile journey through the five boroughs of New York City on November 12th. After six months of training, she is now "running" with relative ease. MaryAnn is looking to cross that finish line in Central Park in about 3 1/2 hours while her family and friends cheer her on.

Marathon Update

Along with at least 27,000 fellow racers, our very own MaryAnn completed the 1995 New York City Marathon under some of the most adverse conditions in the history of the race. Early morning winds of 35 m.p.h. (50 on the bridges) combined with snow flurries and chilling temperatures to cause a precarious start for MaryAnn, her "coachette" Ronnie, and a fellow "chair" runner and Achilles member, Ian Knox. Also, having trained for just under a year together, MaryAnn and Ronnie were able to make their predetermined connection at the quarter mile mark on the course. Consequently, MaryAnn traveled without her coachette until the 17 mile mark where her family, friends, and coachette awaited her. Ronnie and MaryAnn were able to complete the last 9 miles together to cross the finish line three hours and forty-eight minutes after the starting cannon sounded. She was tired, cold, hungry...and Happy!...the fruits on one year's dedication finally realized. Asked immediately after the race if she thought she'd ride in another NY Marathon, MaryAnn said she "didn't think so, but you never know". However, MaryAnn is presently training on her tricycle daily to compete in the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 5th along with her brother and hopes to continue her training throughout the summer to stay in shape for the 1996 NYC Marathon. You just never know!!

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