NeuroAdvance Happenings

Mandy Lubas

Mandy Lubas has been doing her internship at a pediatric facility and was employed by NeuroAdvance secondary to the flexible schedule provided while on her internship at the pediatric outpatient clinic with HealthSouth in Lynnfield. Mandy says she came to work for Neuroadvance because she "wanted to stay in a rehab type model while studying to become an occupational therapist (OT)." Mandy passed her occupational therapy boards on March 21, 2002 and is now considered a licensed and registered occupational therapist (OTR/L). Mandy is looking for employment as an occupational therapist in the pediatric field and/or an acute rehab setting. She has been an employee with Neuroadvance since June of 2001. Mandy says "It has been a great experience which allowed me to use my clinical and interpersonal skills as an independent living facilitator. I have learned a significant amount from the clients and staff."

Mandy graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT with a Bachelors of Science in the field of occupational therapy in May 2001.

Jerome F.

Jerome continues his educational pursuits at North Shore Community College. This is the first semester that he took three classes simultaneously. Jerome had to stay organized and focused on his schoolwork. Jerome was able to stay on track by using strategies he has used in the past. Notebooks for organization, better note taking skills, and improved computer skills, have all contributed to Jerome's accomplishment.

Joanne Scola is planning for a new addition to her family. We are all looking forward to the new arrival which is due in August.

Mickey R. is busy planning this year's NeuroAdvance garden. He plans on growing several new vegetables, as well as adding some flowers. The drought in the Northeast has caused Mickey to do some extra planning to make sure the plants have enough water.

Below is a photo of some of the members of the NeuroAdvance garden 2001.

staff at the garden

Revised: Thursday, June 06, 2002